Monday, October 27, 2008

Stellar Birthday

Wishing a stellar friend - a stellar birthday! Maribeth Bush is a shining star for many reasons... she has been a great friend to me, to FableVision and to The Blue Bunny. She has helped cyber-sculpt our sites for years. She also built and is caretaker of my children's book studio site. She is an amazing educator - not only caring for the children at Lunt School in Maine, but also educators and children around the world with her abilities-focused website she created and continues to build. She is also an author and artist. Her recent book, Sharing Friends, shares her wisdom of how to deal with playground dynamics.

She provides so much inspiration and wisdom to the world... I am lucky to call her a friend.


TJ Shay said...

I guess this was meant to be! Without knowing it was her birthday, I blogged about Maribeth today also!

Maribeth is such an inspiration!

Maribeth Bush said...

Peter, wow... you've always been a very caring, thoughtful and generous person, but this post left me speechless. To say I greatly appreciate it would be a huge understatement!

Words really can't begin to express how touched I am, so I'll just say... I am truly honored and humbled to have worked with you in so many different ways over the years (and to be able to continue to do so!), but most of all, to be able to call you a friend. You really are true blue, through and through, that's for certain! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Dawn Haley Morton said...

Maribeth is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

Maribeth is what all of us wish we were: amazing, through and through.

Maribeth Bush said...

Aw, you guys... Terry, Dawn, Wade... (Peter too)! You're the best! Thanks so much!