Friday, October 6, 2017


I have teamed up once again with author Susan Verde, my collaborator on THE MUSEUM, YOU & ME and THE WATER PRINCESS.

 "I AM PEACE: A BOOK OF MINDFULNESS" (Abrams Books for Young Readers), is a sequel to the book "I AM YOGA." It celebrates the power of connecting to our inner peace and sharing that positive energy with others to inspire world peace.  It was a joy to splash my watercolor brush with vivid, warm, encouraging colors to help honor and promote this beautiful mission.

The world is in a challenging place, more so in recent years and months. As children try to piece their world together, making sense of it from the information around them, they often must deal with a barrage of traumatic news from the media. The deluge of negative news can be distorted in a child's emerging world view. I am reminded of how, during the 9-11 events, young children were terrified as they watched on television thousands of planes slamming into buildings--not realizing that they were watching the same clip being replayed over and over again. We clumsy adults have to be more careful and also more proactive in helping equip children with the tools to cope in a very challenging world. 

I encourage parents and teachers to dedicate time to helping kids develop ways to keep it all in perspective. I created a poster after the Boston Marathon tragedy to remind all of us: "There is more good than bad in this world, more light than darkness, and you can be that light." 

This book, "I AM PEACE," like most of my work, is meant for all ages. As children try to piece together their world, we too are doing the same.

 The big challenge is for all of us to "peace it together." : )

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For downloadable posters  to print out and share you can visit FableVision Learning site.  Take a selfie or a group shot holding the signs. 
Be sure to use #IAmPeace #WeArePeace when you share with the world.