Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Lost "Me Book"

While at a church fair in Dedham during the winter of 2012, a children's book caught my eye: "MY BOOK ABOUT ME" by Dr. Seuss and Roy McKie.  My "radar" is always  looking for tools to help kids discover who they are and who they hope to become.  My book, The North Star (Candlewick Press) explores self-discovery using the metaphor of constellations as a guiding map.  After reading the book, I have kids (and grown up kids too) create their own maps with stars representing their talents, skills, interests and dreams. The map becomes an open-ended journey guidance system.  Great educators, parents and caregivers know that the better you know the learner, the better you'll be able to connect, encourage, inspire the learner. 

I flipped through the pages--delighted to see that the owner of the book--a young girl named Lauren--had filled in most of the pages with answers to the book's many question and drawings including a tracing of her foot! It was a wonderful glimpse of who she was at the time.  I wondered where Lauren might be now. How old was she?  What she was doing now? 

It seemed a bit sad that this treasure had been tossed in a box to be sold at on the "White Elephant" table on a cold winter morning.  I felt lucky to have come to the book's rescue. 

So I took the "MY BOOK ABOUT ME" home with me and eventually to my children's book studio--placing it on my "Wall of Inspiration." I took it down recently and flipped through its pages. 

I noticed a page with Lauren's address.  A bit of detective work and I discovered that her parents still live at that address. 

Would it be strange to return this orphaned book? 

Was it Lauren who tossed it in a donation box? A parent in frenzy of spring cleaning? 

I am just too curious not to "re-connect the dots." 

In that spirit, I will send Lauren's book back home to her. Perhaps I'll add a copy of The North Star with a hope that she has followed her constellation to a stellar place.  : )