Wednesday, August 18, 2010

v. Flintstoning, to Flintstone

The Flintmobile was cartoon caveman Fred Flintstone's snazzy set of wheels.

In fact, that was ALL it was - a set of wheels. It had no engine.

The car was "Fred-powered."

Fred would have to put his feet to the earth and run like mad to pick up speed... and then he could lift his legs and zoom along!

In life, to get where we want to be going, we have to "Flintstone."

YOUR vehicle is "you-powered."

All projects, ideas, dreams - require effort to "get going." Even a retreat, adventure, and fun require an investment of planning, effort and energy.

Some goals require quite the running start - and others may require a quick push. A caring nudge from a friend or a serendipitous sign that says "GO!"

Wishing you green lights, encouraging signs, and the inspiration to "Flintstone" your way to where you really want to be - on the kind of "you-powered" journey you really want to be on.

And remember, in the inspiring words of Fred Flintsone: "Yabba-dabba DO!"