Monday, January 25, 2016

"Who are you?" The North Star Questions

I created this image in 1998--inspired by The North Star book that I published the year before. Once I started thinking about the journey--it was hard to STOP thinking about it.  

 Where had I been? 

 Where was I now? 

Where was I going?  

Where was that I wanted to be going

That last question was THE big North Star question. Just making a few degrees change to the course can land you in a very different place eventually. Ocean navigators know this well. 

Oddly, during my school journey, we rarely seemed have much time for "North Star" thinking. I DO remember being asked:  "What did you do on your summer vacation?" It was the standard, back-to-school chestnut which at least asked me to share a bit about me beyond the classroom. There were, to be fair, a number of teachers along the way who did care about me, but it was rare that the curriculum supported them being able to get me thinking and writing about who I was and what was going in inside my head.

The North Star Interview

I rounded up a few North Star questions for you.  There are plenty more. You'll probably start thinking of them yourself once you get rolling. Your answers will help create a great snapshot of who you are--who you are becoming.

1. What is something important to you?

2. What special talent do you have?

3. What place has special meaning to you?

4. Who has helped you find your way?

5. What do you hope to do someday?

6. What do you need to be more happy?

7. What is a big dream you have--if reality wasn't an obstacle?

8. Who have you helped along the way?

9. If you wrote a book about your life up until now what would the title be?

10. If you wrote a book about your future what would it be titled?

Your answers will lead to more reflection and perhaps writing, drawing, painting, and singing. It might help you choose the next book you read or film to watch--or film to make! 

It's totally up to you. 

Your path. 

Your journey.


Marie said...

This is a very very interesting post and an impeccable timing for me. I think it's the third or fourth element I found out this month regarding that subject I chose on my last Birthday : "where am I and where do I want to go".
I also bought a book call "Design the life you love" and read two days ago an article on the last issus of a french magazine "Flow" called "Est-ce vraiment moi ?" = Is it me ? It's about finding who we are, what are we capable of and what do we need to move forward. So thank you for your post, it was the last push I needed ("la cerise sur le g√Ęteau") !! :))

Unknown said...

The North Star Questions
1.) what is something that is important to me? Being with family, friends, helping kids and choosing kindness are important to me.
2.) My talent is doing arts and crafts with kids and connecting with kids.
3.) being in a school setting and my home is a great setting that has special meaning to me.
4.) many people has helped me find my way. My life coach friend women of today here in mansfield, a great teacher Ms Freedman, miss McCracken a assistant principal and superintendant MissMurfey. My friend Tonya and my family.
5.) i hope to help other kids in a school setting or something involved helping kids is what i hope to do some day.
6)friends family and choosing kimdness makes me happy
7) i would go back to school to study childhood education of some kind. But im afraid of failing due to my learning dissability n dont have the funds to go back to school.
8.) i have helped teachers friends and school and others with acts of kindness and i volunteeer at the school and help women of today with many comunity events that helps the comunity.
9.) story of my life would be A journey of success!
10) book about future would be. Choosing kindness and Love or Helping kids with love

Euphoria said...

As a teacher, a mother and a seeker, I've discovered that self consciousness is as important as Maths, Language and History. These are some of the questions that can help us develop it. Thank you for making me feel I'm not alone in this process. I would love to read THE NORTH STAR. Kind regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.