Friday, March 13, 2015

Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

I found this little looped animation in my archives created using Animation-ish. 

I had forgotten all about it, but I was delighted by this image of a young person hovering--looking slightly perplexed--and possibly delighted at the position they're in. 

I looked up a definition of the idiom 
"flying by the seat of one's pants." 

To use one's judgement, initiative, and perceptions as events unfold in order to improvise a course of action without a predetermined plan.

In other words, to "wing it."

It's a great skill to have. Creative people are very good at it. They welcome the blank page, the surprise, and the sudden stage. 

If classrooms were allowed to go "off-script" more often, students would get practice thinking for themselves--and rather than be perplexed by being thrown into unfamiliar situations--they would be:


Anonymous said...

Agreed, Peter :) Creativity and "winging it" often go hand in hand and it should be encouraged as much as possible!

sandy said...

I love your art work and wish I could be one tenth as creative.... I try. I have always treasured "theDot" for inspiration. May I ask... how did you create this gif? Is it a series of drawings with slight changes, similar to a flip book action? Thanks for any response, as a math teacher I am always looking for ways to be creative and artsy in class.