Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Make More Light - Inspiration from Boston Marathon Week

As the tragic news broke on that sunny day in Boston--the day of the Marathon, Diana and I sat glued to the television trying to make sense of what was unfolding. My twin brother, Paul was texting us a block away from the finish line. 


Then the texting stopped. 

The feelings I experienced during 9/11 came flooding back.  

It was not only the horror of what was happening, but even more so--the not knowing. 

What was next? 

Looking at our son, Henry, who was napping peacefully, I silently made a wish that he did not have to wake to a troubled world. 

I then realized that when this little boy DID wake up--the world would automatically be a brighter place with his energy and spirit added to it. That thought was very comforting to me. 

Grabbing some paper, I quickly jotted down a reminder to him. The message was for me and my family too. And friends. Why not share it with the world? And so I did. On Facebook and Twitter. It was immediately shared by tens of thousands--reaching over a million people in a week. 

It was clear to me that we all needed the reminder: There is more good than bad in this world, more light than darkness--and that WE can make more light. 

Proceeds from the 11" by 14" posters "Make More Light" are being donated to The One Fund Boston - and are available from