Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Creativi-tea with Sir Ken Robinson

I had the rare and wonderful opportunity
to have "breakfast creativi-tea" with Sir Ken Robinson while in New York.
He was to keynote to educators at the NYSCATE conference that morning, but he had just enough time to have breakfast with other speakers and conference organizers.
People were getting their copy of Sir Ken's inspiring book,
"The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything," autographed.

His book is "my cup of tea."

It shines the light on those who have "followed their North Stars"
- many of those who had been given an early diagnosis of being "at-risk," "in trouble," or "lost."
Creative thinking helped each of these famous - and everyday
people - overcome obstacles to discover their Element.

I waited until the breakfast was almost over and asked Sir Ken to sign my own copy of his book.

I then sprung another request on him.

"Could you please draw me a teacup?"

I handed him a piece of my favorite Italian Fabriano paper and a pen. Much to my delight, he picked up the paper and dashed out a bold little cup of tea. I smiled.

Most adults freeze when I ask them to draw for me.

Sir Ken Robinson did not disappoint.
True to the spirit of his work, he was fearless and creative!

After he was finished, I added: "Please - sign it." And he did.

I shared with him that this was to be a collaboration.
I've been doing this for years with those I have met along the journey - especially those who say they CAN'T draw. With a gentle invitation to draw a teacup, (my "informal research" in the past 25 years has proven that EVERYONE can create a teacup - or something that is teacup-ish!)
everyone has been able to "make their mark."

I took the pen, opened my watercolors and set to work. I drew around Sir Ken's teacup creating a gallery - and a cast of admirers. A final splash of color and our collaboration was complete.


"The Element Gallery" By Sir Ken Robinson & Peter H. Reynolds, 2010