Friday, August 15, 2008

Throne of Books

This is some of the art I did for the upcoming 10th Anniversary Literary Lights for Children sponsored by the Boston Public Library. The event will honor some stellar creative folk: Susan Cooper (who visited us at The Blue Bunny!), Christopher Paul Curtis, Laura Amy Schlitz, Chris Van Allsburg (who I ate dinner with at his marvelous house)! I was honored at the same event last year and was tapped on the shoulder to provide the invitation art for this year! I called this piece: "The Throne of Books." I am in the process of making it a Giclee print.


Stacy Curtis said...

Stellar, fellar!

TJ Shay said...


I love this. Ellen loves it more! Sign her up for copy 1!

Your talent and creativity continue to amaze and inspire me.

K.B. said...


My wife and i are professional artists and we love your work. So does our 20 month old daughter. Thanks for the joy.

Peter H. Reynolds said...

Thanks, Stacy, Terry, Ellen,Kevin (and your wife and daughter!) -- I appreciate the kind words. I am working hard on a deadline for a new book, so reading the messages gave me a lift. Back to the drawing board!
: )

Unknown said...

I love it, Peter! I actually can visualize where I'd put it in my office at First Book right now...!