Monday, August 18, 2008

The Creative Compost Heap

I enjoy going "art diving" in my computer. I search for ".jpeg" or ".gif" files and just sift through the hundreds - thousands - of images I have accumulated over 10 years. Some images are from 30-40 years ago - things I have found in the boxes in my "museum" (in the cellar) and scanned. 

Here is an idea I brainstormed while working on a project. "Frannie Williams: Audio SuperStar Supreme." Has a ring, no? A girl who starts recording books - adding music and sfx -- her books get kids reading more - she becomes a sensation -- hits the road - recording kids' stories around the world. I can almost see the book now. And the TV series! 

When I help a FableVision client envision a solution for their mission, my brain switches to "high-speed" then to "puree." I will often come up with a dozen ideas (or more) before I get to the final client approved one. I try to save all my ideas, whether on notecards or on the backs of envelopes, scraps of paper or the side of a coffee cup. I hate to see an idea thrown out!

 "Frannie" is one those "idea scraps" that got tossed on to my creative compost heap. 

As you might know, a compost heap - once big enough - will start generating energy and heat. Up here in New England, I have seen the steam pouring off hearty heaps. It is quite a sight!

 I feel the same way about all my ideas: piled high. They are not forgotten. They are part of an organic eco-system of creativity - throwing off energy - combining with new ideas - generating fertile, rich soil in which to plant the seeds of new ideas. My blog is part of that co
mpost heap. All the files on my computer. All the books I have published. All the stories in the "shoe boxes under my bed." All the conversations I have ever had. All my memories. 

All my visions, hopes and dreams. 

When you hear, "Go Green" - also think of your own creative compost heap. Throw a doodle on it and think of me. 


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you sent me this link. I have lots of scraps that sometimes become a part of the quilt, sometimes just sit in the stash (to use quilters' terms). It's all good. I am so fortunate to count you as my friend and to have made that acquaintance as a result of loving The Dot.

TJ Shay said...

I never thought I was much of a writer... Then I took a summer writing class for teachers and started a notebook for possible ideas. I was afraid of not having anything to write so I feverishly scribbled notes whenever a thought came to me. Soon I had a stash of ideas that kept me more than busy. Today I published my 76th blog post ...a few of them from that old notebook.

I loved your thought of the compost heap...I immediately pictured the blue notebook where I scribbled my ideas. I think it is still smoldering!

Thanks for inspiring me.

Peter H. Reynolds said...

Thanks Kyle and Terry. Terry, congrats on the blogathon! Keep going! Keep it smoldering!

Unknown said...

Hey Pete!

Thanks for the alert to this link.

I am trying to write using software and my hands. I'm using MacSpeech Dictate® and limited hand typing. I had carpal tunnel surgery three weeks ago today. It's very "different." [I don't remember if I sent you the picture of my hand with stitches -- looked like Frankenstein. U-G-L-Y!]

I like your idea for the book. It has the ring of a National Public Radio Project and the Library of Congress. This takes it down to kids level which is even better though!!!

I have to finish some writing now, so I'll sign off. THANKS!

Take care and be well. HUGS to everyone there and to you too.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah, you know that compost [and manure] isn't really usable until it "ferments"? That's where the gas/vapors come from. But you already knew that if you are talking about composting anyway.