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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Thank You for Saving My Life

I saw this photo and it reminded me of a dramatic moment in my life. 

This is what I saw as a child (I am guessing I was about five or six).  I had wandered away from the shore of the lake where my family was camping.  I had suddenly found myself unable to touch the bottom of the lake. I remember looking up--as I slipped deeper. 
Unable to figure out how to make myself rise back to the top. 

And then...
a hand appeared.

 I remember seeing it come toward me--then grab hold of me. The hand belonged to a woman I did not know. She pulled me up and to the surface. She said a few words as she brought me toward the shallower area near shore. I forget now, what she said, but I do remember a smile. After she knew I was okay, she waded away. Life went on. 

Thank you, to that stranger--that angel perhaps--who was thankfully there for me. 

I wonder sometimes how that moment 
could have turned out quite differently.

I have also thought of how teachers 
and caregivers can change lives like this. 
Being there for a child. 
Having that rescue-radar on and ready 
to reach out and lend a hand. 
To be an ear. 
A shoulder to lean on. 

One conversation, even a nod, a kind word, 
can change a life profoundly. 

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