Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Children start out on a creative roll. 

Drawing, splashing, singing, dancing, building, exploring, playing. 

Many though, slow down as they get older and, by the age of ten-ish, leave the creating to others. Not just art, but creative thinking, original ideas, bravery, and sharing one's voice. 

I call it the "switching yard." 
Quite a few trains get rerouted. 
Decades of tracks laid out in a straight, safe, and predictable route.
For some, it can be boring and frustrating. 
For many others though, it can be quite productive and pleasant, 
although often there is a lingering sense 
that something was missing 
on that journey. 

A curious thing happens when people retire: 

They get brave again. 

It is interesting to note that one of the first things many folks 
do is to take an art course - or some other creative endeavor. 

That "gap" of five decades was valuable time not being used 
to practice thinking creatively, being brave, exploring original ideas, 
and sharing one's voice with the world. 

Anything we keep at -- gets easier over time. 

So... please. 


: )

For those not familiar with London Transport's  "MIND THE GAP" - here's a bit of background.

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