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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Above and Below

This time last week - I was sitting in a cafe in Bologna, Italy.

It was one of the cafes facing a great plaza - called Piazza Maggiore - filled with people.

I had a rare stretch of time where I just sat soaking in the scenery. Eventually, I looked up. There above me was a stunning ceiling. You'll see the photo I snapped with my iPhone. To me, it looks more like a painting than a photo! How many people pass beneath it without looking up and marveling?

I then looked down and snapped a photo of the ground. Big granite slabs polished smooth. The textured stone reflecting the sun made the stone seem alive.

I am inspired to keep looking up, looking down, - savoring the hidden treasures hiding beneath our feet and above our heads.


Jason Curtis said...

This is an interesting post Peter. I make my living as a professional photographer, and as a result I'm always incredibly aware of my surroundings. It simply amazes me what people miss! The vast majority of folks look straight ahead, and never think of looking up or down.

From my experience, the really good stuff is often just above our heads or below our feet.

Great stuff Peter!

Sharon Creech said...

I like your head, Peter. I like what you see and think about.