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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tess's Tree

I am working on the art for a new collaboration with my stellar friend, Jess Brallier. What started out as a gift for Jess's neighbor who had gone through the loss of a favorite tree became a book deal with Harper Collins. They read about it the New York Times when Jess was interviewed about digital publishing. He talked about this little story "Tess's Tree" and how he and I made a TeleFable (FableVision's siganture on-line book format) and how we posted it on Pearson's FunBrain site (which Jess is in charge of) and how the story began getting a 100,000 hits a day. Brenda Bowen is the editor at Harper Collins who spotted this gem about dealing with grief and in these eco-aware times, the theme packs a two-fer. 

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