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Monday, June 23, 2008

Stellar Mentor

Derek was a wonderful man.  

His spirit will be with me on my journey – he and I had some marvelous conversations – 

one especially that sticks with me — he said... 

 “Tell your story to the whole world. Be sure you’re speaking their language.”  He went on to say that we often muddle up our storytelling with details, stereotypes, and narrow thinking that shrinks our audience.  He posed this to me: if someone was to ask you to draw a classroom - what would you immediately begin to draw? A room full of desks?  A teacher, lights, maybe an American Flag, some writing on the board?  But think more deeply, a classroom might be a room with nothing in it.... just a safe place to gather.... or it could be  a field  with a wise friend sharing a story.  Thinking  globally is very challenging, but the feeling of having your brain stretch is wonderful! 

I feel blessed to have some “Derek spirit” tucked inside me.

Explore Derek's work including the film "Every Child" celebrating UNICEF's Declaration of Children's Rights. 

Derek Lamb 
(1936 - 2005) 

Born in Bromley, Kent, England, Derek Lamb started his animation career with the National Film Board of Canada in the 1960s. He worked extensively as a writer, director and producer in Canada, the US and Europe, both in commercial and experimental film. Lamb was also a teacher of animation and writing, most notably at Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, Harvard University and McGill University, Montréal. For six years, during the 1970s and 1980s, he served as Director of the English Animation studio at the National Film Board of Canada, and he produced over 50 films for the NFB. His work was honored with numerous international awards, including Academy awards from Hollywood and Great Britain, for films he produced. 

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Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

V again, I don't think people really know the joy of having a mentor. I can say, though I have only gotten to see you on video, or reading your beautiful books, and teaching DVD's I feel I have been mentored by you in many ways. Mentoring is the gift that keeps on giving long after we are gone. I am mentoring now. It's wonderful. To leave your mark on the arts and future generations is the very best gift to give.