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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Stellar Little Houses

I have always been captivated my miniatures. Model train sets have magical little cities and towns with roads and rails that seem ready to spring to life. I fully expect to see little people wandering the train set landscapes. Techno-folk will probably figure this one out! I love small "micro-cars" - not toys, but real cars you can drive. I love small houses too. Here's a nifty one. This was built by a carpenter who wanted to show off his skills. I found this on This building looks as if it sprung from one of my sketchbooks. I'd like to eventually try my hand at architecture to create never-before-seen spaces to live, play, think, and create.  

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Kat said...

I'd settle for a "PHR" tree house. Always dreamed of my own secret space up a tree. Climbing limbs was always fun as a kid but now I think I'd hurt myself if I tried. Love the idea of having my own pad in the sky...up in the leafy canopy. I don't think I am too old to have one. Start designing and building! You should consider designing buildings. Remember, my tree house is first! I placed the first order.