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Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Boys of Summer

This is a fun pic of me and my twin brother, Paul, in Chelmsford, MA - taken about 1968. The pitcher is our stellar brother, Andrew. Paul and I were on the Belvadere Dodgers that year. I got hit with a ball the first time up at bat and I think that experience urged me to find a safer past time. I picked up a pencil and started drawing and writing!


mb said...


Which is you and which is Paul? Just curious. : )


sarah said...

aw! i'd like to see more pictures from your childhood(s).

i wonder if that is genetic - in first grade at recess one day i got hit by a baseball, a basketball and a kickball which i think completely turned me off sports... interesting.

Peter H. Reynolds said...

I think I am at bat! And Sarah, keep your children away from sports equipment - esp. the kind that get thrown at high speeds! : )

Kat said...

Try a nice basketball to the lip. Here's my 7th grade PE survival story. During a nice harmless game of shooting hoops, I remember watching a benign little basketball bounce off the rim and decide to come see me. My hands went up as this spinning orb came whirling toward my face in slow motion...slipping through my finger tips and hands (a defensive attempt to catch or block the inevitable)... "WHACK" right on the lip. Not only did I have a nice fat busted bottom lip....but the wonderful "carpet burn" sensation across the face from the spin of the leather ball was quite pleasant and most memorable. I didn't even feel the busted lip...the burn was overwhelming...was completely convinced my whole lower part of my face needed immediate emergency burn treatment. I couldn't speak. I remember my friend Laura saying, "Girl...your face is RED!" Such an astute observation at the time and very helpful to a stunned traumatized 7th grade girl.