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Monday, May 11, 2009

Make Way for the Mayor: There's a New Artist in Town

This morning, my twin brother, Paul, and I had wonderful breakfast with the Mayor of Boston, Tom Menino - a stone's throw from the golden dome of the State House and City Hall.

We spent quite awhile talking about the city, about literacy, FableVision's projects and mission, and how we can infuse creativity and innovation into the city's neighborhoods, we decided to get creative at the table.

I pulled out paper and watercolors and ask the Mayor to draw with me. I loved the look on his face! He smiled and, being a good sport, he bravely picked up the pen. He paused. I suggested he draw a teacup and reminded him it only needed to be "teacup-ish." With a few confident lines, he conjured the image posted above. I splashed a bit of watercolor around it. I think it looks like a bronze statue which would be nice company with the Make Way for Ducklings statue in the Boston Gardens!

I told the Mayor that creating art reduces stress and that it allows new ideas to flow freely. The way that Mr. Menino took to drawing was like a 'duck to water". 

In the coming months, the City of Boston may have one of the most relaxed and creative mayors in the country!


Drawn2Life said...

I thought you might like to know how you have inspired me and helped me return to drawing I'm ever so I'm sure the Mayor is as well:)

Michelle Henninger said...

Hi Peter, living in Nashua, I get to see the Mayor on the news almost daily. It is very cool to imagine him sitting at a table doodles with you... good job Mr. Mayor!

Sharon Creech said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

Gotta applaud his willingness to participate, although my very first impression was 'commode with a handle'. ;)