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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stellar Eve

Have I shared this yet? I think I did when I first was tapped on the shoulder by Marlo Thomas and Carol Hart to help design the 35th Anniversary edition of the classic "Free to Be You and Me." Well, here I sit staring at the finished book in my studio - proud of having helped bring this influential book back to life for the next generations. As I typed this, Barack Obama was just named president-elect! I can't help but feel that the stars are aligning. This book is about being able to dream and become who we are meant to be. On the cover, the lead boy is perhaps young Barack?


Matt Kotlarczyk said...

Congratulations on making the best seller list!!!
I remember reading this in grade school. It provided me with confidence that stuck with me through all of those difficult developmental years.
I am glad to see it renewed for new generations and with your fantastic artwork.

Kerstin said...

I just ordered this for my godchild for christmas ... Bring some of these good energies to Germany, hope she will love it. I remember reading it to my aupair kids - long time ago ...

Peter H. Reynolds said...

Thanks for the kind comments! Very much appreciated. I will share with Marlo and Carole.

Kevin Barber said...

How wonderfull. I was in a school play version of this when i was in 2nd grade. (The babies skit.) I think i will have to pick this anniversary edition up for my 2 year old daughter.

tami said...

love this!!! tami rush was here getting inspired by u today!!!