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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stellar Tree House

I am still working on Tess's Tree -- a new book with my friend Jess Brallier. I was on a Google "image-inspiration  hunt" for some maple trees and came across this slightly blurry - but wonderfully creative drawing. It was not properly labeled so I have no idea where this is from, but I am guessing it from the late 1800's. This image reminds me of the gentle and magical work of one of my "stellar mentors" -- Garth Williams. I'd love to find our family's copy of "The Tall Book of Make Believe." If you know that book, you'll see why this image echoes its spirit.


maribeth bush said...

I love this picture! I've always really loved tree houses. I think it's why I always liked The Swiss Family Robinson - their tree house, that is!

sarah said...

i'm pretty sure that i have that copy of tall book of make believe somewhere... unless i have a newer one. one of my favorite all time books... i think i'm going to go hunt for it now.

Peter H. Reynolds said...

Sarah! Let me know if you find it!