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Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Stellar Brush

Finding the right art tools is liking finding the perfect dance partner. The right brush seems to be in perfect step with what your mind is constructing, your heart is feeling, your spirit is directing. I 'm a big fan of Winsor Newton No. 4. The brush above is W&N Regency Gold 520 No. 2. which is a great one too. I like natural bristles, not the synthetic. I often see plastic-icky brushes in children's paint sets that have a shock of bristles poking out in all directions - unable to actually hold any paint. A good brush is a like a closed hand - able to hold onto a dollop of color for when you need it. Now, having said all this... I have also used my fingers, match sticks, a wad of tissue fashioned into a point, - anything that would allow me to add color to my art when I am suddenly caught brush-less. The results have actually been unexpectedly surprising. When you DO find that perfect brush, buy a few and keep them near. Remember Clark Kent's closet with all those Superman outfits?


Bob Flynn said...

I totally know what you mean, Pete. I'm married to my Subway Stub Esterbrook Pen Nib. Problem is they are vintage (they don't make them anymore...originally from the 50s)...I have a supply through an online retailer. I can't get the hang of modern nibs--too stiff and scratchy--and I'm still afraid to ink my comics with a brush. But as soon as I found this nib, I knew it was the one. I'm actually afraid my supplier will run out at some point. I have like over 40 of them, but I'm still using the first 2 on and off, because they are made well. So, all set for now, I guess :)

Jesseanna said...

Hmm...I don't have a brush, but I do have a good dance partner - so I guess I'll call it even.

Bob, I'm afraid we'll have to start calling Loren "Subway Stub" now.

Bob Flynn said...

Oy....better keep that gaffe under wraps.