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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Start small. Think big.

I'll keep this short in the spirit of the "start small." 

Getting overwhelmed by a project, a plan, 
a New Year's resolution, an idea can often short circuit ignition. 

Instead, just take a simple step forward. 

A quick dash in a notebook might be the start of an eventual novel. 

Sharing your brainstorm with a good friend might lead to the 
opening of your own not-for-profit group to help others. 

Cleaning up the cellar might help you rediscover 
a dream tucked away for far too long. 

These thoughts came to me last week, 
so I grabbed some paper and made this sketch. 
Today I had some time to share and 
add a bit of my thinking to it. 



Dana Carey said...

All so true yet so easy to forget in the course of busy days. Lovely reminder. Thanks!

Dana Carey said...

All so true yet so easy to forget in the course of busy days. Lovely reminder. Thanks!

June said...

Thank you for reminding me...

Anonymous said...

This was a good post to read today. Honestly, I have felt overwhelmed lately. You have a knack for simple, thoughtful ideas expressed with charm.

Anonymous said...

We are a group of graduate students at Regis College advancing in teaching. We have enjoyed reading your story "The Dot". Your concept in this story is a great model for how teachers start at the bottom using the most basic components to create masterpieces and tap into the abilities of students. One of our members shared an activity her school participated in involving your book. After the principal read the story to the students, each child contributed to making their own "mark" on a classroom poster. These posters were hung in the hallways for all to see. This was a great way to increase student involvement in the school community. We are looking forward to utilizing your ideas more in our classrooms. With appreciation, Mandy, Catherine, Molly and Robert.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just happily found my way here. I am a huge fan of the dot and ish. I am looking forward to enjoying your other books as well. Your work is simply inspiring. Thank you.