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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, Deb!

As a public service, I am sharing a wonderful e-mail from one of my my heroes: Deborah Meier who celebrates her 80th year this month. Hope it inspires you as it did me.

April 20, 2011
Dear Peter,
This month marks my 80th birthday. To every query about "what shall I give you on your 80th", I reply: "Give to FairTest."

As the billionaires pour billions--maybe trillions--into their school deform efforts on behalf of using tests to make all education decision, only one outfit is consistently out there answering them: Our David with its sling shot. Goliath will fall, eventually. But it will help if FairTest can struggle on.

Though FairTest has been around for only 25 years, its agenda is one I totally share. That's why I serve on the Board of Directors and make regular financial contributions.

If you think the work to which I have dedicated my life is important, please join me in making as generous a donation as possible to FairTest today.

To make your 80th Birthday gift honoring me, Deb Meier, please go online to; or mail your check to: FairTest, P.O. Box 300204, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

Many thanks for your best wishes and donations!

Deb Meier

P.S. I'm enjoying 80, it feels just as good as....79.


maria elena ferrari said...

Hallo mister Reynolds! I found his book "The dot" looking for a book for my son (5 years old) and I love its simplicity! I'm a Wildlife illustrator, I teach (more than 10 years) to beginners wildlife art. Last year I called a friend of mine actress and, the last lesson, surprisingly, he recited the text of "the dot" ...must confess: I cried! I'ma self-taught artist, and I'm lucky because I found people who encouraged me. I love your drawing simple and effective and so tender! Thank you for sharing this wonderful story!!! Best regard mari

Catherama said...

I love that an organization exists that is fighting the good fight -- for balance and creativity and curiosity -- and not drumming them right out of young children AND teachers!
I work in adult basic education which over the last several years has moved rapidly in the same sad direction of k12 in terms of being test-obsessed. It's sad to watch. Am glad to hear of this organization Peter and always glad to know there are others standing up for a balanced approach.