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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tree-ish, Bird-ish, Flower-ish

This is a collaboration between a young kindergarten lad, Declan, and myself. His original was a bit faint, having drawn it in light pencil, but we loved the image and wanted to print it in our creativity magazine for children called HUTCH published by FableVision/The Blue Bunny. I decided to scan the image and drop it my graphics program and then trace over using my WACOM Bamboo graphic tablet and pen. I added color, but really stayed true to Declan's fabulous line. I am amazed at the freedom and confidence of his images! This is why I chuckle when I hear adults say "I can't draw!" If they were to look at the wonderful work done by young people and see what fearlessness can produce - they would pick up a brush themselves!

From his bio reprinted from HUTCH:

About the Artist:
Declan Hooper is a Kindergartner who would sleep with his markers if his parents would let him. His “artings” are inspired by many things: Mexican Red-Kneed Bird-Eating tarantulas, Laurie Keller’s book The Scrambled States of America, dragons, outer space, US coins, and all the ‘How to Draw” books in the library. Declan is super excited to be taking art class with his first pre-school teacher and mentor, Miss Cindy

I love his inspirations! What are you inspired by?

I know that I am inspired by Declan's ishful tree, bird and flower. : )


Katherine D. said...

It's very interesting to watch how young children draw and tell a story on paper. I find that I get a lot of ideas for art of my own hearing these stories.

Anonymous said...

Keep being inspired...Way to go Declan!

Tomás Serrano said...

You have a wonderful blog. Very interesting. Greetings.

Michelle Henninger said...

I love it! I think that young man has a bright future ahead of him!!

voz said...

Wow. That's really super. I love kid art.

Followyourknows said...

I sent a poem to a publisher today - and inspired by you I said it "might be more "poem-ish" than poetry. Then I reread "Ish" and found that Ramon had already known pretty much the same thing.

Many thanks


Deborah Lynn said...

thank you for being, Peter.

i love the words
explore and experiment
when working my own art ~~> they free me.