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Monday, May 5, 2008

My Journal on My Creative Output

I've started jotting a few notes before I drift off to sleep to get me reviewing how much progress I made on my creative projects. I have several book contracts currently - yet another Judy Moody book, a book about a goat named Huck, my collaboration with Jess Brallier called "Tess's Tree." But I also have loads of stories in progress... and loads of ideas that have come to me as I go through my days. I have roughly estimated that I have 300 stories in my "vault." I realized that if I don't start speeding up the process that I'll never finish before I go to that Great Creativity Camp in the Sky.  


Stacy Curtis said...

Believe me, I know how you feel.

I have tons of ideas for all sorts of things.
The faucet won't turn off, the ideas keep coming. And I'm don't know what's a good idea and what's a bad idea, so all of my ideas keep piling up in the same big huge pile.

I need to make a treasure map to my ideas pile so when I kick the bucket, you guys can find my pile of scribbles and add it to your own pile.

Peter H. Reynolds said...

I like the image of a treasure map! Good luck on the Isle of Creativity!